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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Board shall sit in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board. It shall assist in long range planning and direction of PACO. The Advisory Board shall also entertain reports from the President and Treasurer at least semiannually or as deemed necessary.

Bylaws Committee

Any amendment to the Regulations of the Association shall be presented to the membership for approval by this committee.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee will oversee the elections process every other year in accordance with PACO Bylaws and Regulations.

Job Bank Committee

The committee shall see that information regarding job openings is distributed through publications of the Association and endeavor to make employers and others aware that such service is available.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will work with the Executive Board on membership matters including approval of new members.

Mentoring Program Committee

The Mentoring Program Committee consists of Senior Paralegal Mentors who provide knowledge, assistance, guidance, and support to Junior and/or Student Paralegal Mentees.

Biennial Workshop & Exhibition Subcommittee

This subcommittee is responsible for the planning and execution of the PACO Biennial Workshop & Exhibition held every other year. Stay tuned for details for the 2023 event.

Student Liaison Committee

We reach out to Paralegal Programs in Central Ohio to schedule school visits, develop presentations, and perform paralegal panel discussions for paralegal students.

Pro Bono Committee

This committee shall plan and provide for all pro bono activities of the association, includes charitable causes and assisting attorneys.

Professional Development Committee

This position is one of the Assistant Vice President's job duties. Responsibilities include editing and updating the Scholarship Applications for candidates, evaluating the criteria for awarding scholarships to deserving applicants and overseeing the roundtable subcommittees.

Programs Committee

This committee shall plan and provide the program for all Regular Meetings of the Association.

Public Relations Committee

The committee shall provide and arrange for all publicity relative to the activities of the Association.

Social Media & Website Subcommittee

This subcommittee, established by the Public Relations Committee, will maintain, update, and monitor PACO’s social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and PACO’s website.

Webmaster Subcommittee

The Webmaster Subcommittee will update and maintain PACO’s website as needed.

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