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Membership Benefits

PACO is always on the lookout for new paralegal members interested in promoting and supporting our chosen profession. One of the ways paralegals can accomplish this is by membership in the only professional association in central Ohio solely devoted to serving the needs and interests of paralegals.

Members of PACO automatically become members of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) and associate members of the Columbus Bar Association (CBA). Some of the benefits of membership in PACO include:

  • Paralegal continuing education seminars
  • Free subscriptions to the National Paralegal Reporter, a publication of the NFPA; Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly, a Columbus Bar Association publication; and the Friday edition of central Ohio’s legal publication, The Daily Reporter
  • Networking opportunities and social events
  • Job placement services
  • Presentations by distinguished speakers on topics of interest to paralegals
  • Public relations outreach activities
  • Discounts on office products, entertainment, fitness clubs, banking, eye care, health insurance, and a host of other products and services

Membership Categories

Active - those employed in a paralegal/legal assistant capacity under the supervision of an attorney (right to vote and hold office, may chair and serve on committees) - Dues: $160/year.

Associate - those not currently employed as a paralegal/legal assistant or not designated as such by their employer, or those employed in an allied profession (non-voting, may not hold office but can serve on committees) - Dues: $160/year.

Student - presently enrolled in a paralegal/legal assistant course of study provided by an accredited or approved institution or using an equivalent curriculum (non-voting, may not hold office but can serve on committees).  Click here for more details. - Dues: $70/year.

Sustaining Affiliate Membership - those interested in supporting the purposes and objectives of PACO and are not currently employed in a paralegal/legal assistant capacity (non-voting, cannot hold office or serve on committees).  Click here to see PACO's current list of Sustaining Affiliate members. - Dues: $250/year

Submit payment for Sustaining Affiliate Membership online through PayPal.
If paying through PayPal, please add 3% service charge to offset PayPal transaction fees charged to PACO.

Questions about PACO? : info@pacoparalegals.org

Mailing Address :
P.O. Box 1582
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1582

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