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We reach out to Paralegal Programs in Central Ohio to schedule school visits, develop presentations, and perform paralegal panel discussions for paralegal students. 

Spring Semester 2022

Jessica Schroeder : I graduated from Greenville University with a major in Music Business and minors in accounting, Spanish, and music of course. Although I have worked in a couple of fields, the bulk of my experience has been working with contracts and copyrights in music industry. I’ve learned to work in conjunction with lawyers as a licensing coordinator and specialist for labels and publishers over the past 5 years. As a licensor, I greatly enjoyed contract review, negotiation, and supporting writers and artists in their careers, which all led to my interest in pursuing paralegal certification. I’m excited to be in Capital University’s paralegal program to learn and grow as an aspiring legal professional in hopes of continuing in the fields of intellectual property, media, and technology law.

Sonji Waits : Currently works in the Public Assistance Division of Licking County Job & Family Services. For the past 23 years, I worked at Franklin County Children Services and have worked in several positions. Kinship Caseworker, Client Right Office Public Inquiries Assistant, and Title IV-E Eligibility Specialist II. Received my Associate Degree in Human Services and Bachelor's degree in Communications. The reason I have chosen to pursue a paralegal certificate at Capital University Law School is because it will provide me with opportunities to learn new skills and challenge my mind and gain new experiences. I look forward to being able to offer opinions on legal arguments to attorneys, and interviewing witnesses. I’m excited to start my new career journey.

Amber Lewis : I have always wanted to help people. It took me longer than I anticipated to figure out exactly how I wanted to do that, but I have finally figured it out. When I was a little girl, I considered a variety of careers. I often waffled between wanting to become an FBI Agent, or a teacher, or a doctor, or a lawyer. Over the years I have crossed each of those professions off my list, but working in the legal field has continually come back to the conversation. I love the idea of helping to support the people who are standing up for people who need the sort of help that can only be achieved in the court room. The role of a paralegal is not an insignificant one, and the more I learned about the profession as I decided what role I felt best suited my skill set and abilities, the more I realized how deep my interest ran. I have a background in research already due to previously obtaining a BA in History. I am working on the post baccalaureate paralegal program at Columbus State so that I can obtain the skills necessary to function successfully in this field.


We schedule school visits, develop presentations and perform paralegal panel discussions for paralegal students.  We also promote the benefits of being a PACO member with access to employment opportunities, industry trends, paralegal panels, mock interviews, and resume reviews.

  • We solicit PACO Members and PACO Student Members to join the committee.
  • We hold committee meetings to set goals and develop program(s) for students.
  • We determine if a budget is needed, if so submit a proposal to the Board for approval.
  • We conduct paralegal panels upon request.
  • We solicit PACO members as speakers upon request.


Every year PACO awards a scholarship in the amount of $500 to a paralegal student which is then presented at that year’s Paralegal Day celebration (third Monday in May).  If you are interested in applying for the Paralegal Student Scholarship, click HERE.


PACO has a mentoring program committee where senior paralegals guide and lead student and junior paralegals down a path to success within the paralegal field.  A paralegal student does not need to be a PACO Student Member in order to apply for a mentor.  To apply for a mentor, click HERE 


Get involved with the committee, please reach out!


Questions about PACO? :

Mailing Address :
P.O. Box 1582
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1582

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