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The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide advice and guidance to the PACO Executive Board and to the PACO President. The committee shall assist in long-range planning and direction of PACO. The committee shall also entertain reports from the President and Treasurer at least semiannually or as deemed necessary.


The Advisory Board shall consist of not less than three (3), nor more than seven (7) Active Members appointed by the President at its first regularly scheduled meeting in each new year, a majority of which shall have served at least one full term on the Executive Board. In addition, the Immediate Past President (if available and willing to serve) shall be a Non-Voting Member of the Advisory Board for the year immediately following their term(s). The President may also appoint other active or associate Members as Non-Voting Members of the Advisory Board.


Eligibility to be on the Advisory Board - Only Members who have been Active Members in PACO for at least five (5) years and have never been removed from any office, are eligible to be elected to the Advisory Board. These eligibility requirements do not apply to Honorary Advisory Board Members.


To serve for a two-year term and all terms will run concurrently with the terms of the officers (generally, from July through June). A Member of the Advisory Board shall serve no more than two consecutive terms, except election to an unexpired term shall not be considered a term on the Advisory Board.


The President may also appoint Honorary Advisory Board Members who shall be persons other than Paralegals interested in assisting the development and growth of the profession. The number of Honorary Advisory Board Members shall be less than the number of Active Members elected to the Advisory Board. Honorary Advisory Board Members shall be nonvoting Members of the Advisory Board, and shall be appointed for a one-year term.


The PACO President is the Chairperson of the Advisory Board. The PACO President may appoint a vice chairperson from the Voting Members of the Advisory Board, at any time during the year.


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